3/15/16 — After several encounters through the years with people who argue one type of diet is better suited to them than another, and having experienced both failure and success in my own efforts, I've concluded that it's not the nature of the diet that creates the success, but rather the implementation of the diet. An effective diet is nothing more than regulating, by some mechanism, the calories consumed in relation to energy expended. The equation is: Eating less + moving more = weight loss. It's not the simple arithmetic of losing weight that confounds efforts; It's the act of incorporating the equation into daily life. This is what interests me most about dieting. This is what I've sought to master: The mechanics of incorporation. Progress is still ongoing, but I have experienced enough success to believe without reservation that the goal is achievable.


3/12/16 — In web-design, design follows content. True to form, I put up a site with no content and no real objectives for content. Well, nothing more than a feeling anyway.

The problem is this is a pet project and I'm going more with my gut than with my head. As I continue to refresh my memory of web technologies I'll begin to form a more solid picture of what I want to do in terms of content, technologies, and design. The reasoning — as much as I can call it reasoning anyway — behind putting the CMS in a sub-directory, is to have greater control of the face of the site. I can do what I want with ease. That, too, is subject to change!

For now, I have the beginnings of the structure of the site using a 960-gs framework that's customized to be responsive. The actual design part to follow. Spare time projects happen when they can!


3/12/16 — I lost 5-pounds that I've been playing with for the last week. On the 4th I noted having had a crash (freaking out and eating more than planned). Oddly, it has taken a week to recover from that event on the scale. Usually, I bounce back to my previous weight within two or three days.

I didn't calculate how excessive my intake was that night, but it was nowhere near 15,000-calories. In any case, I was back on course on the 5th, and I suspect the scale will show greater loss at tomorrow's weigh-in. After repeating this cycle several times, it's no big deal to have a crash-day. In fact, when I drop another 20-lbs I'm going to have a casual day with a nice meal and some drinks!

In my estimation, life is too difficult already without making it seem impossible. Cheating here and there makes it a bit exciting! Though it might sound like madness — that is to say, not cheating at all — I count nibble-cheats as a benefit and enjoy them quite a bit! I'll write more on that later. To date then, I'm 40-lbs down on the scale and find the whole process fun. More to come soon...


3/7/16 — For a while, when I was first losing weight a few years ago, friends were curious to know my secret. It was disappointing to hear people say "well I can't do that" when it was obvious they really wanted to cut back and lose some weight. With that in mind, I've decided I don't want to sugarcoat the idea of weight loss. A lot of programs are out there promising AMAZING RESULTS, but it's a pay to play proposition, and keeping weight off after you've lost it becomes a matter of paying for a long time. Weight loss is something you have to work for, but you don't have to kill yourself to get the job done. That being said, there are tricks to making it work for you. That's what I want to write about: Getting to a place where a diet is uniquely yours and more importantly, it's comfortable.

I'll begin to develop that idea — of making the act of dieting comfortable — but the first sugar-free bit of everyone-knows-this wisdom is if you want to lose weight you have to eat less food. (The more frightening way of saying this is you have to consume fewer calories). Here's the fact: In order to eat less, you have to KNOW HOW MUCH you're eating. How do you do that? I'll leave you with an internet proverb of dubious origin to ponder a solution:

The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory


3/7/16 — I'm in the process of reviewing all of the very basic front-end web technologies I've forgotten since I last coded. A dusty job indeed.

This page and the condition of the blog won't change overnight because of learning lag. It's embarrassing enough to put this page up as it sits (coded), never mind any more elaborate tech. The SOON meme that gained purchase on social media is the best I can do in terms of promising some greater scheme here. Pfft! It'll happen!

The 'Soon' meme.


3/5/16 — In my haste to publish something — ANYTHING — I put this page up without a throrough vetting and over-looked some simple tricks to make the page at least a bit user friendly. There was no maximum-width and the page wasn't centered. Mea culpa!

These are a few of the things I'll be writing about as well as I sort through how this site is going to be organized. One thing will happen, though: I'm going to be arranging the blog so that there will be categories for various subjects and each category will be offered in the navigation as a seperate link, so if you're interested in weight loss, but not web coding or design you can surf directly to your interests.

For now this post will fit nicely under the category "coming soon"!


3/4/16 — Everything here is rough. I'm not prototyping this website, so I'm going to live in this thing while it's still being built.

I'm going to write about the most pressing things on my mind. Today, that's the fact that I'm fat. Yeah...I said it. I lost a boatload of weight two-years ago and I've been on track to gain it all back. Fortunately, there are brakes on this thing, so I've stopped the gaining and turned it around. I'm losing again. That's one of the things I want to write about on Jephnol: The experience and the how-to's of losing weight. Dieting seems to be one of those things a lot of people want to do, or are trying to do, but they just don't seem to be able to shed the extra weight. It's a hot topic.

So far, since I've started again, I've lost 35-pounds in 2-months. I'm told that's a bit fast, but that's how I roll. (There's a fat joke in there somewhere...). I'll develop my thinking for readers as I begin to blog in earnest. I'll post new material here and archive my posts in the Jephnol Blog for future reference. I'll talk more about my goals, how I'm going to acheive them (as I have in the past), and then more importantly my plan to maintain my weight after I hit my final goal.

I'll write about breaking my diet or, as I typically refer to it, freaking out. True story: I began putting this site up last night and today, you guessed it, I freaked out. I was eating too low and mismanaged my hunger. It's not a problem. Tomorrow I'll be back on schedule.

Anyway, I just wanted to start posting so the site doesn't just gather dust. There's more to come. The design will take shape and more posts to follow.

So, here's to new beginnings! I hope you come back and read my blog!