is it bad that i lie to robots?

So, there’s been a cascade of hits on the login page here at Jephnol. I mentioned I would let people have a look at the vanishing page trick if they hit it once today, but I was talking about humans. My bad. I took a little time and popped a few dozen IP’s in the block-hopper. I might have overlooked the traffic if there hadn’t been so much of it. So I lie to robots. Mea culpa.

Bad Traffic Report

How many hits originating from hackers does a login page get anyway? Checking the logs this morning to see if the redirect is bouncing traffic from the login page and wow! How is it that hackers can find this page but real traffic can’t? Got my hacker SEO  on like some lucky charms or something. Bad-Bots-R-Us.

The good news is the redirect is doing it’s job.

Blind Spot

It occurred to me I was blocking IP addresses before because they were accessing my login page. I never noticed if they were being bounced after I added the redirect script. I’ll have to watch that now. There have been a few hits on it since I rebuilt the blog but the script wasn’t in place. We’ll see what happens now that I’ve put it back up. Just a heads up, if you try to view the login page that’s cool, but if you keep hitting it you will be blocked.

I 302′d Myself

My login page was redirecting me to the index last night. It was the first time in a while I had tried to look at the backside of the site. It turns out that when I renegotiated my relationship with my ISP they changed my IP address.  I had written a redirect for the page a few years back. It let me have access, but bounced other visitors. Since I didn’t know about the recent switch I was lost as to why the page was ghosting. Hahaha! My bad!

I’m back….

god of the gaps argument – driveby post

The analog of the “god of the gaps argument” is the “crazy explanation for anything that’s hard to understand argument”.

I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday and he helpfully pointed out that 9/11 was an inside job. I’m sorry, but his argument didn’t amount to much more than wild suppositions.  His major contention was that building 7 wouldn’t have collapsed without some mysterious help from the government. This in spite of the best information we have, which is the forensic examination of the event and its aftermath. I don’t mind people making all sorts of claims, but I want to hear more to support a contention than a Youtube video of Jesse Ventura blathering on  about conspiracies.

Make your case, my friend. Just make it well.


Getting ready for work, so I don’t have time to chat. Just wanted to say, there was a bit of a foul-up that resulted in my nuking this site from orbit and beginning again! Will explain later, but for now it’s back up and running. Old posts are saved in a database back-up and should be restored.

Oh, in my zeal to fix the brokenness of the site I detonated my original design, (if you ever saw it). Will redesign the site, too. The look was getting old anyway.

Have a great day!